The only commercial grade Hypervisor designed specifically for enhanced CNO capabilities, security and advanced research capabilities.

Siege Technologies’ lightweight and secure hypervisor is designed for diverse applications. Created for x86 and ARM platforms, it is comprised of a set of custom, thin hyper/micro-visors that support a number of offensive and defensive cyber applications, and is designed for specific Computer Network Operations (CNO) applications.

Our hypervisor provides a solid foundation for enhanced security and advanced research capabilities. The hypervisor has the ability to insert itself between the hardware and Operating System (OS) dynamically at runtime, allowing it to interact with all aspects of the hardware and OS. The hypervisor has been tested on multiple mobile devices running Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.

Hypervisor features:

  • Memory mapped I/O traps
  • Singlestep privileged code (kernel functions)
  • Exception traps and interrupt traps
  • Intel, AMD, ARM platform support
  • Memory protection and management
  • Application control

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About Siege Technologies

Cyber security company, Siege Technologies, was founded in 2009 as an advanced research and development firm. Siege focuses on leveraging offensive cyberwar technologies and methodologies to develop predictive cyber security solutions for insurance, government and other targeted markets.

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Zero-day Vulnerabilities Discovered

In 2015, the number of zero-day vulnerabilities discovered more than doubled to 54.

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