Specifically designed architecture for offensive penetration testing and defensive host monitoring.

Siege Technologies’ offensive stealthy agent Sabot is designed to conduct penetration testing specifically on mobile platforms, yet can be leveraged for x86 Windows and Linux platforms. It was designed to enable you to deliver controlled and independent agents from electronic warfare (EW) platforms.

Specifically, Sabot allows you to inject an agent into the target network over a wireless link from an aircraft while flying, enabling the collection of intelligence and exfiltration. The Sabot command and control channel is configurable and provides numerous control options to direct the agent to perform various options an adversary might perform on compromised systems.

Sabot features:

  • Network address translation (NAT) traversal
  • Crypto library support
  • High performance UDP transport (DHT)
  • Dead node identification/removal
  • Peer-to-peer agent communications infrastructure for reliability
  • Ability to work on non-Internet connected machines

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About Siege Technologies

Cyber security company, Siege Technologies, was founded in 2009 as an advanced research and development firm. Siege focuses on leveraging offensive cyberwar technologies like Sabot, and methodologies to develop predictive cyber security solutions for government and other commercial markets.

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