February 25

Apple Says iPhone Tech the U.S. Wants Will Be Slow and Costly to Build

BloombergBusiness – Feat. Jason Syversen

February 24

Focus on Security and Innovation

Bloomberg Tech Dinner – Jason Syversen, Speaker


October 12

A Quantitative Framework for Moving Target Defense Effectiveness Evaluation

ACM Digital Library – Kara Zaffarano, Joshua Taylor, Samuel Hamilton

October 6

The Future of System Exploitation

CEMA 2015 Association of Old Crows – Jason Syversen, Speaker

May 27

Quantifying Cyber Attacks to Optimize and Assess Your Defense

Source Conference, Boston – Jason Syversen, Speaker


December 14

Bloomberg asks Jason Syversen for Opinion on Alleged North Korea Cyber Attacks on Sony

BloombergBusiness – Feat. Jason Syversen


Scott Eisen of Bloomberg.com on Siege Technologies


May 2

US Contractors Scale Up Search for Heartbleed-Like Flaws

Bloomberg – Feat. Jason Syversen

April 5

Busting a Cap Without Die-ing

BSidesROC Conference – Eric ‘PanicOpticon’ Busse, Presenter

March 11

Virtualization Techniques in Cyberwarfare

Technical Tuesday at CyberGamut – Jason Syversen, Speaker


July 2

USPTO AIS Patent for Pre-Boot Malware Prevention Software

Joseph Sharkey, Credited with Patent

April 6

Controlling a Smartphone from an Architectural Vantage Point

BSidesROC Conference – Kirk Swidowski, Presenter

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