Automate. Reverse Engineer. Analyze.

With formerly classified events that have now been made public like Titan Rain and Operation Aurora, teams experienced with detection and interception of state-sponsored APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) is more important than ever.

But we don’t strictly believe that staring at code is the single most effective approach. To this end, we leverage automated code analysis tools to perform analysis and heavily leverage advanced technology to significantly automate the process. Once this is in place and complete, we have our team of scientists, engineers and experts perform any required manual analysis of code—allowing them to focus on the critical challenges.

Code analysis can identify the cause of an attack, vulnerabilities, weak authentication, and a myriad of cyber security threats. Siege has supported various commercial, federal, and DoD organizations in an operational capacity by providing intrusion detection and software forensic analysis services and gained valuable insight into emergent threat actors and new malware development, deployment, and persistence techniques. In this space, Siege is leading research efforts into kernel and sub-kernel malware techniques.

Our specific experience in code analysis includes:

1. Malware analysis
  • Secure static and dynamic malware reverse engineering
  • Botnet infiltration and C&C analysis
  • Exploited vulnerability analysis
  • Multistage malware deployment tracing
  • Malware memory injection analysis
  • Data exfiltration detection
2. Rootkit detection and analysis
  • Identification of memory, disk, and firmware hooking
3. Defeat anti-tamper and software protection techniques
  • Tamper sensing and response
  • Experience with defeating encryption, polymorphism, obfuscation techniques
4. Code attribution
  • Authorship analysis
  • Technique classification
  • Trace-back techniques

Our specific experience includes, but has not been limited to, the following technologies:

1. Analysis tools
  • VMWare
  • QEMU
2. Debuggers
  • IDA Pro
  • OllyDbg
  • Windbg
  • gdb/ddd
3. Exploit harness languages
  • Javascript
  • Flash ActionScript
  • VB
  • x86 assembly

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Cyber security company, Siege Technologies, was founded in 2009 as an advanced research and development firm. Siege focuses on leveraging offensive cyberwar technologies and methodologies to develop predictive cyber security solutions for insurance, government and other targeted markets.

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