A strong defense starts with the right offense.

Following the events of 9/11, there has been a new found focus to provide superior network and system defensive capabilities to the US Government and the US Military. Given our government’s (and our society’s) dependence on the internet, mobile infrastructure, and other critical and connected technologies, it’s become imperative that these assets be included in our country’s defense posture.

Siege supports our government and other commercial organizations with a combination of experience, network and system defense services, coupled with tools, tech and methodologies to help protect your most valuable assets. Additionally, our military experience and background help drive our offense-based defensive solutions.

Our engineers hold numerous patents around building defensive technologies, and have successfully built new products for both customers and the market. Siege leverages key insight into offensive capabilities and approaches to develop defensive solutions tailored to addressing the most advanced threats.

For example, Siege has provided:

  • The operation, maintenance, and analysis of multi-vendor IDS deployments
  • The custom configuration and development of an advanced event (EOI – Event of Interest) reduction decision tree
  • The security engineering and network hardening of newly deployed support networks

Siege has key defense engineering experience, including:

1. IDS/IPS deployment integration
  • Configuration and deployment of custom fully OOB open source and commercial IDS products
  • Custom and Commercial centralized signature manager
  • Custom signature development
2. SIM software engineering and event management
  • Implement event reduction and workflow decision tree to isolate EOI on a large scale global network
3. Security engineering
  • Implemented port-based secure 802.1X using single sign-on compatible w/ DoD PKI
  • Implemented server log aggregation and analysis system
  • Deployed Squid farm for enhanced URL/Malicious code filtering
  • Network design review and deployment support
  • HAG and KG deployment support
4. Engineered network wide traffic capture and analysis system
  • IDS deployment points of presence
  • Integrated network operations analysis tools
5. Firewall configuration and analysises
  • Ruleset analysis to optimize and tighten permissive rules
6. Computer and network forensic analysis
7. Incident response and post-mortem support
8. Honeypot/Honeyclient research
9. Custom advanced defensive technologies
  • DNS blackhole and redirection
  • Firewall BOGON list integration
10. System and network hardening
  • STIG compliance support and custom Microsoft SBA templates
11. System vulnerability assessment support
  • Deployed distributed commercial and open source network/system assessment tools
  • Fully automated data collection and IAVA based report generation

Our specific experience includes, but has not been limited to, the following technologies:

1. IDS/IPS Technologies
  • Bro
  • Shadow
  • IDABench
  • Cisco IDS
  • ISS SP
  • WiFi Watchdog
  • McAfee (IntruVert) IPS
2. BIDS Technologies:
  • Lancope Stealthwatch
  • Arbor Peakflow X
3. Event Management
  • ArcSight
  • Lancope SMC
4. Firewall Technologies
  • Juniper Netscreen
  • Sidewinder
  • Checkpoint
5. AV/HBIDS Technologies
  • McAfee EPO
  • AVG
  • Symantec
  • Tripwire
6. Forensics Tools
  • Helix
  • Enterprise Encase
  • FTK3. Event Management
7. Proxy Engines
  • Squid
  • WebSense
8. Analysis Tools
  • TCPDump
  • NTOP
  • LTAuditor

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Cyber security company, Siege Technologies, was founded in 2009 as an advanced research and development firm. Siege focuses on leveraging offensive cyberwar technologies and methodologies to develop predictive cyber security solutions for insurance, government and other targeted markets.

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