Unique cyber security challenges call for unique cyber solutions.

Off the shelf security solutions offer a lot of value to users, especially when it comes to known cyber security threats. But a defense-based box solution doesn’t always solve the problem you have at hand—and it has limits. To truly accomplish your goal, you need a custom cyber security solution design.

In the cases where you have a unique challenge, threat or scenario, Siege is uniquely positioned to help you research, develop and deploy offense-based custom cyber security solutions—in fact—it’s how we built our company. Since 2009, we’ve built hardware, software and hybrid solutions with pioneering organizations such as DARPA, IARPA, AFRL, ARL, AFOSR, and private companies.

These solutions help our clients and partners:

  • Identify, measure and predict attacker capabilities
  • Identify and stop non-user driven ex-filtration attempts
  • Provide advanced analysis of code
  • Protect software from supply chain or trojan attacks
  • and more…

Our clients don’t want to settle for “state-of-the-art”—they want to create the future. And we continue to do that. We currently have five solutions we’ve designed, developed and brought to market with more in development. These include:

  • Quantification of Defensive Systems and Attacker Capabilities –  Eprouvette
    Novel technologies to measure and predict attacker capabilities, identify critical network assets to protect and identify optimized defensive security configurations.
  • Reverse Engineering Toolset –  Caminus
    Suite of RE tool plug-ins and standalone tools/modules to support advanced code analysis.
  • Specialized Mobile Agent Architecture –  Sabot
    Designed for penetration testing or defensive host monitoring.
  • Software Protection Suite –  Hauberk
    Advanced solution to protect software from supply chain or trojan attacks. Works with source or binary. Available on x86 and ARM architectures.

Examples of custom cyber security solutions we’ve designed include:

  • Development and use of reverse engineering tools to bypass anti-tamper mechanisms and analyze hostile code
  • Research and development of new algorithms to measure effectiveness of cyber penetration tools
  • Development and integration of network threat visualization tools
  • Reverse engineering various systems for system understanding, forensic analysis
  • Red teaming secure systems
  • Adaptive network defense research

For more information on how Siege Technologies’ experienced team can help you plan, design, develop and deploy a custom cyber security solution, contact us today.

About Siege Technologies

Cyber security company, Siege Technologies, was founded in 2009 as an advanced research and development firm. Siege focuses on leveraging offensive cyberwar technologies and methodologies to develop predictive cyber security solutions for insurance, government and other targeted markets.

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